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Calorie Shift To Lose Weight? Of Course!

If you are struggling to lose weight or know someone who is, you will understand the frustration and disappointment of losing weight, only to gain it back shortly after. Many of the fad diets promises quick weight loss, what they do not tell you is that they come with quick weight gain as well.

The reason this happens is because with many fad diets, you are required to eat so little calories or avoid an entire food group all together. I'm sure you know that you cannot last forever eating such low levels of calories or entirely avoid carbs or fats. A 'lucky' few of us will reach our ideal weight and decide to stop the torturing diets, however many are not so lucky and have given up either in sheer frustration or have taken ill from the drastic diet change.

This is where the nightmare begins. During the course of the diet, you eat so little calories that your body thinks you are starving. It then stores the limited supply it gets and goes into starvation or conservation mode. That is the same as avoiding carbs or fats altogether, your body will store whatever it can get. Think about it, if you are driving and you find the tank almost empty with the next gas station a few miles away. Commonsense will kick in and you will drive slowly and smoothly to conserve gas to make sure you make it to the gas station!

Now your body is conserving its 'gas' the calories you feed it, until it can get to the next meal. Once you stop dieting and eat at normal levels, your body will still be storing all the calories and carbs and not burning it for energy. That's why the weight you had just lost comes flying back on.

There is a more sensible and sustainable way to lose weight. Not to mention healthier and easier to stick to. It is called calorie shifting, where you shift the types of calories in your meals from one day to the next. Take note of the difference, calorie shifting is totally different from low-calorie. You do not limit the number of calories you eat but instead shifts the types calorie by eating different food. This way you will not feel hungry and miserable, your body gets its 'gas' to function properly and you feel more energetic.

Calorie shifting helps you to lose weight not by starving yourself, but to keep your metabolism high in order for you to burn more fat at a faster rate. You also do not skip entire food groups depriving you of nutrients which is unhealthy, and will result in really bad rebound weight gain once you start eating normally. Treat your body better, lose weight but in a healthy way.

Articles written are based on my own experiences with different weight loss programs and products. I had always been on the borderline of being just slightly overweight. My signal to start losing some weight comes from not being able to fit into my clothes.

I hope my experience will help others who are also trying to lose weight.

Alan Tan

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