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Do You Want To Lose Weight? The Most Important Things You Must Know

First of all, skipping meals would have to be the dumbest thing anyone who wants to lose weight should do. Not only does skipping meals decrease your metabolism, but it also makes the weight loss experience a lot less enjoyable - especially if the results aren't what you were after.

To lose weight, your metabolism is key. If you skip meals your metabolism slows. This means that the next time you eat, your body stores the food as fat just in case you skip again in the future. So in other words, skipping meals equals more fat!

So how do you counteract this? Easy! Eat smaller meals more often. As a guide, try to eat every three to four hours, starting from when you wake up. The first meal is the most important because it kick starts your metabolism for the day. Five to six meals later and you're ready for bed.

Next, whatever you do, don't walk on a treadmill or jog for hours on end! Yes you read it right - you're doing too much! So many women reach a point when no matter how long they spend on that treadmill, the weight just won't budge.

There is a way to lose weight with a LOT less time involved. In fact, losing weight only requires a change to your diet and around 90 minutes a week. Not a day, but a week.

Can it really be that easy? If you don't believe me, click on the links below. They will lead you to the Fit Yummy Program I am currently following. After signing up for their freebies, you will receive an email to join their Club Fit Yummy Mummy. Once you're allowed in to the membership site you will see countless success stories from women all over the world. This is truly an amazing program which I am sure will change the way in which weight loss programs are designed in future - this one really works!

If you really want to lose weight, then here's what you must do right now...

Visit and make sure you take advantage of the free offers available, including the free weight loss ecourse or you can check out Michelle's progress as she attempts to become a Yummy Mummy!

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