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Acupuncture - Weight Loss Via the Magic of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment. It is done via utilizing the acupuncture points inside the body. The treatment has also been known quite effective for weight loss in the body. In fact, acupuncture can be referred to as one of the most popular natural methods of losing weight.

One of the main reasons of weight gain is binging; i.e. over eating, most of the times. This results in increased levels of stress, anxiety and frustrations. Acupuncture can be quite effective for losing excess weight in the body.

During this treatment, needles are inserted to the acupuncture points in a manner that it stimulates the release of natural pain relieving hormone of the body known as endorphin. This hormone has a very calm and reliving effect on the human body.

When using acupuncture for weight loss, the practitioner would opt for certain points of treatment. This will depend on the diagnosed problem of the patient.

Once, these points are chosen, the needles are inserted to these points. These inserted needles are supposed to stay in position for about half an hour to forty minutes each session and then removed.

Acupuncture points in the ear are usually replaced with ear tacks or ear staples. Thereafter, an adhesive is secured over these. Usually, the ear tacks or ear staples are placed exactly where the needle was. These should continue with treatment in between sessions.

Whenever the patient gets food cravings in between the meals or without any reason, mild pressure is applied on the ear staples via rubbing them alternatively back forth for about twenty seconds. This ultimately results in the release of mild endorphin, thereby relaxing the patients to gain control over the food craving.

The endorphin hormone tends to design a conducive psychological and physiological environment in order to overcome any sort of temptations to eat unnecessarily. The ear tacks are removed after three days. The frequency of the acupuncture weight loss treatment depends on the patient's goals. In order to lose weight in a short span of time, the treatment needs to be taken in a good frequency.

For instance, you can easily start a treatment session a day, then for alternate day, twice a week and finally a booster treatment once you gain your ideal weight.

Acupuncture weight loss technique is safe and free of any side effects

Here are some of the common points chosen by an experienced acupuncturist to help the patient lose weight affectively in a short span of time and safely.

a) Thyroid:

To slow metabolism

b) Mouth:

An impulsive eater and a chain smoker

c) Stomach:


d) Spleen:

Hormonal and sugar imbalances

e) Senmen:

Loneliness, frustration and psychology overlay for anxiety.

f) Endocrine:

Ability to gain weight due to water retention

g) Lungs:

Food addicts

There are long term benefits of choosing acupuncture without any side effects.

One may also require to make some lifestyle changes and alter eating habits in conjunction with taking acupuncture treatment.

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