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Designing an Easy Weight Loss Diet

Creating a weight loss diet for yourself doesn't have to be hard. In fact, there are several ways you can cut fat and calories in your diet without majorly altering your eating habits. Consider healthy alternatives to unnecessarily rich or sweet ingredients to help retain flavor while reducing fat. There are also several general rules followed by most successful weight loss diets.

Educate yourself on the fat content of your favorite foods and determine an ideal daily calorie allowance that will help you to lose weight while ensuring that you are still satisfied. These are just basic suggestions. For more useful tips on how to create a weight loss diet, read on.

1. Replace fatty condiments like mayonnaise with flavorful but less fattening alternatives like mustard, soy sauce, or satay. Use yogurt instead of cream, cook with water instead of oil, and try new herbs and spices for flavor instead of resorting to butter and salt.

2. Never skip a meal. Skipping a meal is more harmful than helpful when you are on a weight loss diet. Your metabolism will slow as your body compensates for the loss of calories, and you are far more likely to binge the next time you eat.

3. Make vegetables-not meat-the center of your meals. Focus on vegetables you enjoy, and use meat and cheese sparingly for flavor.

4. Replace complex carbohydrates like white bread with simple ones like whole grain bread. Also, forgo the fatty rolls in favor of tortillas or pitas.

5. Grill everything! Any type of meat is leaner and healthier grilled.

6. Always speak with your physician before starting a weight loss diet. They will not only be able to help you identify your goals, but may even have some helpful tips for meeting them.

7. Enjoy your food. Put your silverware down between every bite, and chew it at last a dozen times. This will give you a chance to realize you're full.

8. Snack often. Instead of eating only two or three large meals a day, have three small meals with snacks between. This is easier for your body to digest, keeps you from binging, and boosts your metabolism.

9. Build yourself a fan club. Studies have shown that dieters with support groups are far more likely to stick to their weight loss plans than those that go it alone, so find yourself a workout buddy or a lunch date that will encourage you to live healthy.

10. Never eat before bed. Because your metabolism slows significantly as your body prepares for sleep, eating late at night can cause you to absorb significantly more fat than when you snack during the day.

There are several other ways you can curb bad eating habits; ask friends and family that have already successfully lost weight for advice. Also, be sure to hit the gym. While a good weight loss diet is integral to getting in shape, you'll reach your goal much faster by combining diet with moderate exercise.

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