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How to Change and Condition Your Thinking to Ensure Dieting Success

Negative thinking is often what holds people back from dieting success. Even if you start off thinking positively, you may let the little things get in the way. That's when you start to slide back and return to your old eating and exercise habits. One thing that will help you lose weight is to believe in yourself. Believing you can lose weight is half the battle.

Challenge Negative Thinking to Achieve Dieting Success

One thing you can do without having to consult with a dieting guru or spend a fortune on a weight loss program is to challenge your negative thinking. You can lose weight if you put those negative thoughts to rest. Your emotions and behavior stem from your thinking. Change and condition your thinking to help ensure your dieting success. Turn negatives into possibilities. Realize that you are a work of art in progress.

Think Yourself Thin

Thoughts are powerful. If you tell yourself you are a fat slob, you'll start to believe that despite your size. Tell yourself you are thin, on the other hand, and you can set yourself up for dieting success.

End the emotional eating to achieve lasting weight loss. You can't change your emotions and your emotional connection to food if you don't change your thinking first. Write your emotions down and challenge each of them one by one. Take the time to turn each negative into a positive statement. Doing this will help you see how deeply your negative thinking is affecting your life and affecting your dieting success.

Ways to Set Yourself Up for Dieting Success

* Visualize yourself eating healthy, exercising and losing weight.
* Resolve to improve your dieting choices.
* Hold yourself accountable or find a support group to hold you accountable for your thinking and choices.
* Practice self-control.
* Use an exercise and weight loss journal to track your daily progress and reflect on it.
* Set realistic weight loss goals.
* Make daily affirmation cards and read them to yourself until you commit them to memory.
* Visualize yourself in the mirror as you want to look.
* Surround yourself with healthy, positive people.
* Respect your mind and your body.

Use positive thinking to achieve dieting success. Retrain your brain to think positively. Take action to achieve results. Change your thinking and your body image will follow. If you continue to use the same negative thinking, you never challenge those thoughts, and you will never get results. Achieving weight loss results requires you to look at things in a different light and use words of encouragement to build yourself up.

Challenge Long-term Negative Beliefs

In order to set yourself up for successful weight loss you will need to challenge the negative thoughts that others have told you and you have internalized. If others have made you feel inferior because of your weight issue, it's time to challenge those comments. If your parents always told you, for example, that you would never amount to anything and fat people are lazy, you need to dissect that statement. People say things they don't mean or don't intend to be harmful, but we can carry their comments with us for a lifetime.

Let these comments go. Reformulate negative comments into positive statements. Tell yourself that even though you're carrying a few extra pounds, you're still a good person and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Put your foot down and don't allow people to speak negatively about you. If they continue to make negative comments, you need to rethink their role in your life and decide whether you still want to associate with them. You can't change someone else's mind, but you can change how you react to it. Associate with people who are supportive and share your goals.

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