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How to Lose Inches Off Your Waist

Regardless of what you may read or hear out there, it is simply impossible to lose inches off a specific part of the body. Though you may have chubby thighs or flabby arms, you won't find an exercise program or diet which will take inches off in those areas. That is not how to lose inches off your waist, thighs or arms.

As you lose weight you will lose all over your body and not just in particular areas alone. The same is true for the waist, belly or abdomen.

However there are things you can do:

Add resistance training to your exercise routine and you'll tone and strengthen the muscles in your waist area. These are known as your core muscles and toning core muscles will help you look smaller in short order.

Do abdominal exercises and in doing so you'll firm and tighten your abs and improve your posture. Once again these are your core muscles. This alone will help you flatten your tummy and appear to have lost weight by simply improving your posture.

You can do exercises to tone and strengthen the tricep muscles in your arms. And again this will help your arms look better even before you start losing weight.

When you start to lose weight, the areas where the resistance training was targeted will begin to show definition more quickly as a result of your training. But just remember, you can have the greatest abdominal muscles in the world and it won't matter, because no one is going to see them if they're covered by a layer fat.

You'll never be able to get those six pack abs by using the latest and greatest ab machine each day if your muscles are hidden by layers of fat. Sure you'll have a strong core and you'll have more support for your body but you need to lose weight and get healthy in order to lose inches off your waist.

But resistance training will help you burn the fat as will a great diet plan - and you'll soon find most of the ab solutions advertised with promises of amazing results include suggested diets as well. It is by applying changes to your eating habits that you'll find the changes in your body shape you're after, rather than that fancy exercise equipment.

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B.J. Gordey runs Top 10 Diets and is the Editor of Top 10 Diet's Health and Diet Tips.

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