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How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Anyone can lose weight without going on a formal weight loss program or undertaking a strenuous exercise program. There are easy steps that can be taken under these less structured circumstances, but if you stay focused and use these simple steps when you are grocery shopping or deciding on a restaurant for dinner, you really can lose weight quickly and a substantial amount of weight over a period of a few months. Here are some tips you can adopt and lose a fantastic amount of weight - 10, 20 or even 30 plus pounds.

Engage in physical activity every chance you get. Make a point of taking the longer routes walking further than you need to, move more and by all means exercise anytime you are inclined to. This additional physical activity will help you cross into that desired balance where you are burning off as many calories as you are taking in through your diet, and it is at this point, after you reach this balance, that if you eliminate for instance a 100 calorie snack every day, you will lose 10 pounds over the next 12 months. If you eliminate two 100 calorie snacks a day, you will lose 20 pounds a year and the more you eliminate at that point, the more you will lose.

It is advisable to cut out the fast food for good if possible. In particular hamburgers immersed in animal fat and the cheap french fries. In a very recent study performed in Sweden, 18 healthy and slim Swedish men and women started eating meals at fast food chains two times a day for one month, and during that time did not exercise. When the experiment ended the blood tests of each subject showed evidence that these men and women had suffered liver damage as a result of eating the fast food. Also they gained an overall average of 16 pounds per person. Amazing results for a four week study.
If we really took an in-depth look at how fast food was affecting our health and looks over time, chances are most of us would leave fast food behind without a backward glance.

Read the labels on the items when you go grocery shopping. When you first start out, try to go to the grocery store when you have some extra time. Develop the permanent habit of making a comparison between a regular fat and calorie food item and choosing an appetizing low fat/low calorie replacement. Once you get used to food choice replacements you will be able to go in and pick the lower calorie items you want without giving it any thought since it has become second nature.

Drink all the water you can, particularly before a meal. Water helps to control your appetite and flushes your body without any extra calories. Water is a good proposition from every aspect. It even hydrates you from the inside giving your skin a younger appearance. If you can get into the habit of drinking water instead of pop and you have been drinking a large amount of soda every day, you can lose 30 pounds in three months from just this single adjustment.

Incorporating these steps into your everyday life means you never have to think of it as dieting and you will be healthier and look and feel much better than you would without taking these steps. Small effort for a big reward, and you can start losing those pounds right away.

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