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Lose Weight and Burn Fat - 4 Magic Words For Fat Loss Success

You are on a mission to burn off some excess body fat. Those extra pounds - you don't want them and they simply just do not look good on you. You want to feel and look your own personal best.

Weight loss goals require a positive state of mind. Repeat these four words:

I am in training. Declare it to yourself again. "I am in training."

Four words that can work like 'magic' to keep you on track.

In training? When was the last time that you thought of yourself like that?

We often hear that phrase from professional athletes or students on school teams.

But what about you? You embark on a mission to lose weight and get in better shape.

You have officially put yourself 'in training'. Thinking of your fitness or weight loss approach like that should excite you, motivate you, and keep you on track.

Mentally remind yourself that you are in training. Tell others you are in training. You are following a plan with a goal in mind.

"I am in training." Perpetual reminders to yourself will help propel your mission.

A positive state of mind towards your goals. Achieve that mode and exercise becomes easier to keep up with. You will want to eat better and stay on your 'diet'.

If you don't feel like doing your workout, or if you are thinking about straying from your healthy diet, then repeat the four magic words: "I am in training."

Is it time to get your fat into the fire ? Stay on track and keep yourself 'in training'.

Author David P. Morrow has been a great resource of health, fitness and diet information for 20 years.

Just released, "Fat Into The Fire" 'The simple missing links to maximize metabolism, energy, and yourself' represents all of his personal discoveries of producing a maximized metabolism.

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