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A Proper Diet & Good Health Habits Helps Keep the Weight Away

Everyone writes about weight loss and diets these days so I wanted to write an information packed article about the benefits of good health. What most people don't realize is that when you focus your attentions on practicing the right steps towards a healthy vibrant lifestyle you will very rarely find yourself over weight or battling the diseases that go along with poor health.

Hypertension ( stress), Bad Cholesterol, Obesity, High Blood Pressure.

Do these words sounds all too familiar?

These are the buzz words of our time...listen to the news or read a magazine, its all that we hear these days. This is the legacy we pass on to our future generation. These are the words that describe poor health.

Unfortunately, all of our focus these days is on Diet and body image when it should stress the importance of good health. Society dictates that thin is in! The advertising industry invests billions of dollars in the marketing of miracle fat burners and quick loss schemes that promise amazing overnight results. The fact is that most fad diets are developed by people with little to no scientific or health background.Most quick weight loss diets may produce short term results that in turn prove harmful with long term side effects for the very people who suffer from the health problems I have listed above

Your body weight and clothes size is not a reliable indication of a healthy person. No two people have the same body composition. Ask any doctor or nutritionist and they will likely state that the true measure of health and longevity has mainly to do with proper diet,healthy eating habits, a high degree of exercise and most of all a sound mental outlook on life.

Good health is not hard to achieve. Below is a complete list of healthy habits to practice throughout your life and I can almost guarantee that when you focus on your health, the excess weight will naturally take care of itself

Check List For A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Eat a well rounded diet each day consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and calcium rich foods.

2. Replace large meals with 5 small low fat, high fiber meals.

3. Drink plenty of water. Make sure to drink at least 15 oz. of water in the morning to start your day. This will hydrate your organs and body and get your system off to a good start.

4. Cut back on your alcohol intake.

5. Limit caffeine intake and all other beverages that contain fat or high amounts of sugar.

6. Practice deep breathing exercises. When you breathe deep through your diaphragm and exhale slowly, this will reduce daily stress and stimulate your lymph nodes to help cleans and flush toxins from your body

7. Do at least 30-45 minutof strenuous exercise per day. This will burn calories, rev up your metabolism, tone your muscles and also reduce stress levels.

8. Take a good multi-vitamin along with certain natural supplements that will enhance your energy level and replace important nutrients not absorbed with your meals. * Note: Consult with your doctor or a licensed nutritionist before setting up your dietary plan.

9. Be good to yourself! Do something each day that brings you personal joy. Read a good book, travel, meditate, garden, enjoy your pets,spend quality time with your spouse, get together with friends. All of these are good suggestions that will relieve stress and create a healthy & positive state of mind.

To Your Good Health & Healthy Weight!

Dori Schwaiger is the owner of

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