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What Weight Loss Supplements Really Do

The diet industry as a whole is worth billions of dollars, but tens of millions of that goes toward weight loss supplements. As millions of Americans likewise try and fail to lose weight every year, it should be no surprise that many of the supplements they bought failed to help them. Our society and its beauty standard is a paradox.

For one, we value the extremely fit and the extremely beautiful, and yet most Americans are somewhat lazy with bad eating habits. Instead of working hard and limiting ourselves to get in shape, we would rather pay big money for a product that can do it for us.

Unfortunately, there is no magic quick-fix solution in weight loss supplements. While some claim to boost your metabolism, others aim to suppress your diet, and still others make radical claims about how they can flush fat out of your body. The bad news is that few of these claims have any merit, and most money spent on weight loss supplements is wasted.

Weight loss supplement makers don't mind if you fail. Obviously if their products did work well they would soon put themselves out of business, so don't buy promotions that talk about the company's true desire to help people.

It can't all be blamed on faulty weight loss supplements though. Even those that do offer real benefits can't do all the work on their own. Many people purchase pills, powders, and drinks hoping they can replace a healthy diet and good exercise. The bottom line is that nothing can.

The best weight loss supplements are those that are endorsed by the FDA. Don't buy bogus endorsements from celebrities or mystery doctors; only FDA approval guarantees that the products have been tested and live up to their claims.

Also, be aware the prescription and non-prescription weight loss supplements alike contain active ingredients that may cause serious side effects. Because many of these products contain stimulants, you may experience adverse reactions like: heart problems, migraines, sleeplessness, and even some mental conditions.

Be aware that some weight loss supplements are not being totally open about how they help you lose weight. Many "metabolic boost" drugs are little more than organic uppers, and while they won't help you burn more calories, they will cause your heart rate to spike and your body to sweat and even shake.

Other supplements that boast "slimming" powers are usually just glorified laxatives. The only weight you will lose on these is water weight, which is ultimately more dangerous than helpful. Still other weight loss supplements claim to suppress appetite, when really they are little more than an unsatisfying snack that may cause nausea.

Remember as a general rule that if it isn't approved by the FDA then it hasn't been proven. And if they could prove their claims, they would have already filed with the FDA. There are some weight loss supplements out there that can help in certain ways, and a rare few that actually work as promoted. To be totally safe, speak with your doctor first before adding any supplements to your diet.

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