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15 Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight some foods will help your efforts whilst others will hinder them. In this article we're going to look at 15 different foods to eat to lose weight that most dieticians and weight loss experts agree on.


Lean chicken in the form of low fat chicken breast as opposed to the fattier parts of a chicken or any cut involving the skin is a perfect basis for your diet in terms of protein intake.


Second in line of foods to eat to lose weight is lean turkey. Grill it, bake it or stir fry it. Cover it in herbs or eat it on it's own. There are dozens of different ways to prepare turkey to keep things interesting.


Lean cuts of beef can make a welcome treat. Try a steak cooked to your requirements with mushrooms and seasonal vegetables.


Buy them already shelled for ease and even consider the precooked varieties so you can eat them straight out of the pack. All prawn species including tiger prawns and king prawns can be included in this group.

Egg Whites

Whilst the yolk tends to have most of the flavour it also contains most of the fat. So try using just 1 yolk to every 2 or 3 egg whites. Make yourself scrambled egg, put boiled eggs in a salad or create an omlette.

Cottage Cheese

Possibly the purest form of protein of all. Some people recommend blending in fat free yogurt for flavouring but I personally like to buy the variety with pineapple in it. Perfect in a salad.


Beans can provide carbohydrates and protein and virtually all forms are acceptable (except commercial baked beans!). Green beans, mange tout, petite pois, blackeye beans, kidney beans and more. There are so many different varieties it'll take a lot to get bored of beans.


A great source of complex carbs plus loaded with vitamins and minerals. Don't forget the different types of cabbage available to add further interest to your diet.


Yellow or green, slice them thinly or cut them into course cubes. Stir fry them, boil, stea, or oven bake them with peppers and onions for a delicious Mediterranean-style feel to your meal.


Sweet peppers or chillies. Green, red, orange or yellow. Raw or cooked. Plenty of sweetness and interest here.


Eat it raw in a salad or do as I do and try stir frying it with some other vegetables and serving with thinly-sliced chicken and a dash of soy sauce for a Chinese-style meal.


Delicious and versatile. Bake them in thick chunks, slice thinner and boil or cut ultra-thin and add to stir fries. Try cutting them lengthwise for a spaghetti-like effect but with far fewer carbs.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

The anti-cancer properties alone should convince you to eat these amazing vegetables but if not, try gently steaming them until the stalks are crisp and juicy and add a hint of low fat margarine to them.


In this category I include spring onions, cucumber and all the various lettuce varieties, water cress, rocket and so on. Plenty to interest the palate here and if you're not a salad person try adding some chopped ham and soft boiled egg for added appeal.

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