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3 No Fail Fat Belly Diet Tips and Tricks

You could run a 5 mile marathon every day and still be fat if you consume more calories than you burn out. Losing body fat, particularly your stubborn fat belly that seem to never want to go away no matter how you try, would stay like that, never go away. Unless you try reducing your caloric intake with this simple fat belly diet tips.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

I know you've heard this a hundred times so let me ask you, how much water do you drink every day? You may already be annoyed about hearing this but you must have already figured out by now that if all the diet tips you've read wants you to drink a lot of water, then it probably works!

I thought I drank enough water every day but when I had to measure it literally as per an advice from a diet program, I realized I can't even finish 3 liters of water a day. So measure your water intake, you should have a particular bottle just for you and try to see if you can finish 3 liters a day and if you do, your good.

2. Cut Down On Alcoholic Beverages and Soda

This drinks do not do you any good when it comes to burning belly fat. It's so easy to add hundreds of calories with just one sitting and these drinks would only add up to your stomach fat.

3. Eat More Of Your Vegetables

By eating more vegetables as a source of your carbohydrates and fiber instead of fruits and other dessert you can control your insulin elevation by doing this. And this can increase more of your fat burning hormones and tell your body to continuously burn the fat.

Eating the right amount of food with the necessary nutrients and from all the food groups is the key to fat loss. That includes, yes, I will say it again, drinking a lot of water. You might be surprised to know that a lack of proper "nutrition" can also cause you to gain more weight.

This only proves that we can't just go on a unsupervised "personal" dieting as we may do more harm than good to ourselves. You can learn proper diet and lose 100 lbs or your last stubborn 10 pounds by simply following plain old common sense which the Idiot Proof Diet teaches.

Their *Shifting Calories* Method has been getting consistent and increasing popularity because of the revolutionary way on how they approach the old time ways of dieting. To learn more about this new "fat loss trick" you may visit

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