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Fat Loss and Ankle Pain

Have you ever wondered whether or not it was possible to do a fat loss exercise program on an injured ankle? Many people discount themselves from exercise the minute that injury takes place, especially if it's a weight bearing joint. The truth is that you'll need to take it upon yourself to exercise more the next time you're injured if you want heal faster and burn more fat.

Exercising around an injury is very much different than exercising on an injury. By choosing a fat loss program for the rest of your body, while decreasing the amount of stress placed on an injury, you will greatly improve the rate of healing, as well as greatly improve your results in the gym. Think about the number of exercises that you can do that do not require standing, such as:

3 Position Bicep Curls on the Ball

Lower Ab Ball Twists

Q.L. Sidebridges

Crossed Extension

Theraband Interval Training (for upper body cardio and fat loss)

...and the list goes on.

Injuring your ankle is not an excuse to forget about exercise until you're healed. If you choose the proper fat loss program while rehabilitating from your injury, you will drive more circulation to the injured area, allow more proximal (i.e. trunk) muscles to stabilize your body while walking and therefore decrease stress to the injury, and improve stamina.

This information should not be taken as a substitute for physical therapy or a doctor's opinion. However, by improving in all of the above areas, you will be jump starting your fat loss goals so that you will reap limitless benefit during and following any ankle injury. Remember, exercise should be a full time job when you're injured. A healthier body is a more coordinated boy. A more coordinated body is a less frequently injured body. You decide.

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