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Grapefruit Diet - Is Grapefruit All You're Gonna Eat With the Diet Plan?

One of the most popular diets in recent memory is the The Grapefruit Diet (also called The Hollywood Diet). Usually used as a fast way to lose a few pounds, the diet was very popular during the 1930's - especially with the trendy Hollywood set, which lent its name to the diet. The diet then faded away and for many years was not heard about, until the 1970's when the diet craze was starting its upward swing again. Many people remembered hearing certain parts about the effectiveness of the Grapefruit Diet and the diet was popularized again in many women's magazines of the day.

A recent study found that in a twelve week program of diet and exercise, a group of participants lost weight after eating half a grapefruit a day with their regular meals. In some instances grapefruit juice was substituted for the fruit and the results were basically the same. This doesn't mean that anyone who's on the Grapefruit Diet only eats grapefruit. The fruit alone wouldn't be enough to provide anyone with the necessary nutrients our bodies need to function properly.

By utilizing a regimen of sensible dieting and exercise, some people on this diet lost as much as ten pounds over the twelve weeks of the study. Findings of the study also showed the apparent lowering of the body's insulin levels when on this diet. This may help the body regulate blood sugar levels.

The more modern versions of the Grapefruit Diet are not nearly so restrictive in the amount of other foods that can be eaten. When the early versions of this diet focused on simply substituting a good part of your regular food for grapefruit, the results were often small and short lived. The modern version of this diet has much more focus on the nutritional needs of the body. Eating grapefruit as part of a healthy and balanced diet is very good for you and can give your diet a shot of momentum as well. Because grapefruit consumption lowers the body's production of insulin, the body doesn't feel nearly as hungry. Raised insulin levels have a lot to do with making a person feel hungry, so eating grapefruit can make you feel fuller than you actually are. Lowered levels of insulin also help the body work better to break down fatty tissue throughout the body's system.

People who participated in these studies were perhaps more focused on the types and amounts of food they were eating, but the fact is that they still lost weight while eating grapefruit. Many people are aware that to seriously lose weight you need to eat a wide variety of different foods in moderation and there's no reason in the world that grapefruit can't be one of the healthy food you eat on your diet. The Grapefruit Diet may have been around for many, many years now, but it's only in the past few years that we've learned how to do it right. The best way to lose weight with the Grapefruit Diet is to make sure that you keep eating a well balanced diet which can include portions of grapefruit several times a week.

*Beware that regular eating of grapefruit increases the risk of breast cancer in women.

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