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Is Caralluma Fimbriata Safe and Effective For Weight Loss?

Caralluma Fimbriata - Not only does it sound musical but also it is the new kid on the block in the weightloss segment. As obseity becomes a growing concern, the number of weightloss supplements that are hitting the shelves in the pharmacies and supermarkets are shooting through the roof. Drugs that promise to burn fat, block carbohydrate absorption, suppress appetite and boost metabolism are capturing the imagination and attention of those seeking to lose weight. Some of them do live up to their reputation and some have fallen by the wayside. More and more people are now beginning to use natural weightloss supplements as they are safer alternatives to conventional drugs and also quite effective in achieving weightloss, suppressing appetite and increasing energy and endurance.

Caralluma Fimbriata is a succulent plant belonging to the cactus family and grows in plenty in the wild in India. It has been used for centuries in tribal India especially during times of famine and food scarcity to keep away hunger. Caralluma also has been used as a medicine in Diabetes to keep blood sugar levels low. Caralluma is known to suppress appetite, enhance energy levels and quenches thirst much like Hoodia. Where it differs significantly from Hoodia is in its mechanism of action and also its ability to help an obese person in losing inches and not just pounds. Hoodia cannot reduce inches and sometimes losing inches coupled with pounds is a better motivation.

Caralluma has Pregnane Glycosides which block the action of multiple enzymes involved in fat metabolism at a peripheral level and blocks the accumulation of fat leading to the burning of fat reserves. It also exerts a minor appetite suppressing action at the level of the central nervous system without actually stimulating the brain.

Can Caralluma be seen as a safe and effective weightloss supplement? Caralluma has so far shown promising results in many clinical trials. Caralluma is pure and natural and has no harmful chemicals or preservatives. It has been studies extensively and documented to be safe for human consumption. The living proof for this are the Indian tribal people who use it on an almost daily basis as a vegetable, in chutneys and pickles and also eat it raw. There have been no adverse effects reported after the use of Caralluma. Thus Caralluma is not only effective for weightloss but also safe and goes one step better than Hoodia by enabling people to actually lose inches along with loss of weight.

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