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Metabolism - What is Metabolism? How Does it Help With Weight Loss?

There is a lot of talk about metabolism when people mention diets. It is generally known that people with high metabolisms tend to process food faster, which then keeps their weight down. Conversely, those with low metabolisms generally consume food slower, which allows the calories, fats and other items to get into the body, causing weight gain.

However, what exactly is metabolism and how does it work? Well, it is essentially a set of chemical reactions that occur within your body in order to help you stay alive, so they are pretty important. These processes allow you to grow and maintain your body, whether it is fat or thin. Metabolism itself can also be divided into two categories; catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism breaks down large molecules for energy, while Anabolism uses energy to construct components of cells like nucleic acids and proteins.

An organisms metabolism has a lot to say about which substances and foods will give them the most nutrition, and what will be poisonous. A good example of this is prokaryotes, which actually use hydrogen sulfide as a nutrient. This is amazing because for us, the gas is poisonous.

The metabolism speed of an individual will also detail how much food they require to stay healthy.

Metabolism is generally considered to have come along early in the evolutionary process of not only humans, but nearly every single species on Earth. No different than animals, which have vastly different metabolisms, humans can have different metabolisms than others of their species. As was stated, some people have faster metabolisms than others, and this will show in what kinds of foods they will eat, and what kinds they will not, as well as how quickly they digest food. An excellent example of this is individuals who can eat three or four Big Macs a day but stay thin, while others balloon up and suffer from being overweight.

It does need to be stressed that just because an individual has a fast metabolism, it does not mean they can eat bad foods. All that it means is that when they eat food, it processes quickly, but if you eat a lot of sugar, salt, starch, or MSG, then you are still going to suffer health problems related to them. Having a fast metabolism is not a super power, it is just a different way the body works for others.

The metabolism of living things on Earth is a very diverse topic. Some can handle poisonous gases because of their metabolism, while others cannot. Some humans eat more but stay thin, while others eat less but get fat because of their metabolism.

Your metabolism has a lot to say about how healthy you look and feel, but no matter what your metabolism is, you should try and make sure you eat healthy and exercise. It is the best option you have for a healthy life.

Just because you have a fast metabolism, it does not mean you should eat ten burgers a day. That is not healthy for anyone, or anything, least of all your colon.

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