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Negative Calorie Foods - Eating Your Way to Weight Loss

A popular trend in North America right now is the concept of negative calorie food. While many may equate this with dark matter, as in matter that exists but does not exist, negative calorie foods are foods that require more energy to digest them than they provide nutritionally.

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as negative calorie food. What does exist is foods with extremely few calories, which means they require more energy than they provide to digest, which in effect, consumes them to a net energy loss, which helps you lose weight.

If you are looking for low nutrients and high cellulose foods, like celery, are considered to consume slightly more energy than to digest than they provide nutritionally. This means that foods consumed within a weight-loss diet, will help to get rid of the hunger feeling, without contributing to the entire calorie intake of the individual.

However, there are problems with this type of diet and it comes in the form of malnutrition. If you do not take in enough nutrition from the food you eat because you want to lose weight in a negative calorie food diet, you putting your body at extreme risk since it will be lacking the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. This is called malnutrition and it is a very serious problem among many unfortunate people in Africa.

There is currently no evidence to support the fact that many claim there are foods that require more energy than others to digest. There are many vegetables and fruits that are promoted as negative calorie foods, which contain more calories than are consumed in digestion. However, they simply have a low amount of calories when compared to the amount of satiation they provide.

If you are thinking of pursuing this type of diet, by eating food like celery as a way to cause your body to consume foods that cost a great deal to digest than what they provide in sustenance, then you need to be careful. You could develop malnutrition and then you will have done severe damage to your internal organs, including your brain and heart. If this happens, you will have much bigger problems to worry about than how many calories are in the food you are buying.

Simply put, negative calorie foods are a myth. There are not foods in existence that consume more energy in the digestion process of your body, than what they provide in terms of calories and nutrients. Many have claimed that certain foods do, like celery, but the truth is they simply do not provide much in the way of nutrition. Celery for example is composed a great deal of water, which means there is little in the way of nutrition from it. Eating nothing but these types of foods will spell disaster for your body. Avoid it and choose a well-balanced diet instead to make sure you stay healthy and fit. Forget the myth of the negative calorie foods.

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