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How to Pick a Low Calorie Diet That Works - Proven Tips For Fast Fat Loss

In this article I'd like to talk about how to pick a low calorie diet that works FAST, without having to jump through bells and hoops to lose weight. The simple truth is that by definition, a low calorie diet SHOULD help you lose weight, right? Well, as many of you have already recognized, often that is simply NOT the case, as your body will quickly hit a plateau once your body retreats into conservation mode. No fun at all, don't you agree? Let's take a look at some options below!

Pick a Program that will endure

I'm going to be honest with you. A lot of my readers have asked about different quick fix programs that force feed you soup, grapefruit and sodium rich broths for fast weight loss. I say STAY away. Why? They simply have NO legs ( fast burn out) NO enduring lifestyle value and most importantly, have VERY high atrophy rates. ( most folks will drop out fast)

Choose a low Calorie Diet That Fits Your Body

If you need to drop 5 pounds, you DON'T need the same calorie restriction as someone else who has more weight to lose. If you are VERY heavy, reducing your calories by 200 a day is simply NOT going to be a viable solution for fast fat loss, whereas someone who is just a slender shred from where they want to be very well may find it does.

Finally, choose a diet that you like and enjoy!

This seems SO foreign to people, yet to me it's the most important part of the choice. You've simply GOT to pick a diet that you enjoy eating, and for me, as many of you know...the Medifast diet was not only low calorie, it felt a little bit like eating desert on my way to a beautiful and bodacious bod! Regardless of what makes sense for you, simply pick a program that tastes good!

Remember - if you HAVEN'T been able to lose weight's NOT your fault! Knowledge is POWER, and the most important step on the path to a beautiful body is information, EDUCATION and empowerment!

So What Do I Recommend? You got it...:-) Medifast!

And really, it's done the same for anyone who has NOT had success on OTHER diet programs! If you've failed with other weight loss regimens, the Medifast weight loss community may be EXACTLY what you are looking for.

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