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Losing Weight Is Simple?

What You Take For Granted Can Help You Lose Weight?
Is it simple?

As I drove out of a parking lot I saw a man stooped over tying his shoelaces and my mind started to race. I have been thinking about how easy losing weight can be and seeing this man made me realize how we take eating for granted. Do you remember when you learned to tie your shoelaces? We all know how, we remember this action from memory and never question our ability to master the technique. Simple, right?

Gaining weight has become such a part of everyday life that you cannot remember how it all started. Eating is a learned behavior and the instruction Manuel didn't come as part of the deal. Someone had to teach you all those bad habits. Probably the same people that showed you how to tie those laces. It has become such a part of you that you just let it continue. Stop and listen to yourself, do you believe what I just told you? Is their another reason to explain it?

As I continued driving along, I stopped at a red light and saw a mother and father crossing the street in front of my car, 50 to 60 feet away from the intersection. My mind raced again as I saw this learned behavior and thought to myself, I didn't learn to do that? Why is this mother and father doing this in front of their child? Have you done that before with your children? Again I saw a learned behavior going wrong and I wonder which one the child will remember the most. Is their a right way and a wrong way to do everything? Are we setting the type of examples we want our children to follow?

Being overweight is a behavior that we should not be comfortable with and you need to ask the following questions.

1. What happens if I leave my shoelaces untied?

2. What can happen if I cross the street without looking both ways, not even at a street corner?

3.What can happen if I keep putting on weight like I have been for so long?

What you take for granted is stored in your mind. It's up to you to take the right decisions, it's your body, it's your life. Your cat is the only one with seven lives! Your mind has the answers to all the questions and you know it. Using your mind is a learned behavior. Food for thought.

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