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Obesity is the Main Cause of Preventable Deaths Worldwide

Obesity has now become a widely recognized condition, sitting just behind smoking, as the main cause of preventable deaths and diseases among people worldwide. Obesity is a problem associated with over sizing due to an imbalance between the intake of calories and the number of calories burnt. Doctors measure the obesity levels of their patients with the help of body mass index (BMI).

What is body mass index (BMI)?

Body mass index is a measure that calculates your level of obesity. It is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. If your BMI level is:

Less than 18.5, then you are termed as underweight
Between 18.5-25, then you have a healthy body weight
Between 25-30, then you are overweight
Between 30-40, then you are obese
Greater than 40, then you are very obese

Some facts and figures concerning obesity

According to the predictions of the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of overweight adults is set to rise to 2.3 billion by 2015. In addition , 700 million will be obese. These figures indicate the rising trends of obesity in this modern age. If you take a look back in the past, there were very few cases of obesity among people. Some the nations, which report largest percentage of obesity, are listed below:

United States of America- 32.2%
United Kingdom - 24.2%
Nauru- 78.5%
Tonga- 56.0%
Saudi Arabia- 35.6%
Seychelles- 25.1%
United Arab Emirates - 33.7%

What causes obesity problem?

There are a number of causes of obesity. It may occur as a consequence of an unhealthy lifestyle, genetic factors, environmental issues, or even due to a number of physical conditions. However-regardless of cause, the condition is completely treatable.

Home environments can have an influence over your lifestyle. It can become difficult to make healthy choices due to behavior of certain members of a family. For instance, if parents are leading unhealthy lives, it's going to affect their children as well.

How to get rid of obesity problem?

The most effective way to combat obesity is to make changes in your lifestyle. Increased levels of physical activity physical activity and a healthy diet will help with weight reduction. If you have already become obese, then try to combine these traditional methods with any slimming pill, which is prescribed to you by a registered medical doctor.

To date- there are a number of products available, both over-the-counter and prescription. Slimming pills are easy to consume, a consequence of which is a rise in the number of people using them. However irrespective of their brand, slimming pills are not able to produce results instantly.

You are able to consult your doctor in order to have your BMI checked. If the results indicate poor health, your doctor will able to prescribe the most suitable slimming pill after any medical examination.

You can also get help in your weight loss efforts by following certain dietary tips, either from your doctor or from any reliable source over the internet. You may find many online sources, which provide useful information about drug market, obesity treatment, and prescription slimming pills.

Some prescription slimming pills work as good appetite suppressants while some work in the digestive system of the body, however they have a common goal to help the user attain weight loss. Slimming pills have their benefits as well as some side effects. So, it's highly recommended that patients do a consultation with a doctor before choosing any slimming pill.

Other then obesity, smoking is also the main cause of preventable deaths and diseases among people worldwide - know how to get rid of obesity with prescription slimming pills.

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