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Stop Yo-Yo Dieting For Good

Do you need to stop yo-yo dieting? This is when a person repeatedly loses weight and then regains that weight. It is also known as weight cycling. Although many people who fall into this category are substantially overweight, that is not always the case. Many people are only a few pounds or kilograms overweight but they lose and regain those pounds endlessly.

If this sounds like you, help is at hand.

And whilst the answer to yo-yo dieting sounds simple it can be hard to achieve without support so don't be too hard on yourself. Find a friend, a group, or a mentor that will walk with you on this journey .

Stop dieting and start eating for health.

Understand that losing weight is a slow business. The weight did not go on overnight and it is not realistic to expect it to come off quickly.

Ever watched a mouse running on a wheel? That is what yo-yo dieting is like. A whole lot of effort expanded to ultimately end up in the same place as where you started from. And that takes a great toll on your self confidence.

But when you stop dieting, it removes the possibility of failure. Eat for health. Eat vegetables, and fruits and lean meats and low fat dairy products. Those foods will help to slowly bring your weight down.

Gradually build up the amount of exercise that you do on a daily basis. Exercise burns the food that you take in; get the balance right and the excess weight will slowly leave you.

It's important that you have a realistic image of your body and there are programs that can help you achieve that.

Yoyo dieting occurs because of the pressure you place upon yourself to lose weight. It is when you perceive yourself as having failed in that diet that the rebound happens and you start to put the weight back on.

By eating for health, the extra pounds will slowly fall away naturally.

Because many of our eating patterns formed when we were young, sometimes it can help if we take the weight loss journey with a friend at our side.

Learn more about how to stop this unhealthy eating pattern

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