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What are the reasons for weight gain

Weight gain can lead to serious health problems which is associated with heart disease and stroke, both of which are among the leading killers today. Unexplainable weight gain can be a bad experience for anybody who seeks to lose weight in order to improve or to maintain their good health. It is a mystery for them why they keep gaining weight although they not eat too much of food.

Weight gain is complicated. There are so many factors that cause weight gain. It is regularly more likely a combination of more than just one factor. Here are ten factors or reasons that lead to weight gain:

1) Diet
It is worthless to starve to lose weight if you don’t know what you eat. What you take in your diet is likely a major factor in weight gain. Maybe you take small portion of foods everyday in order to lose weight but the foods consist of high calories than what your body required.
High calories foods mostly from processed foods that is high in fat, as well as drinks. Instead, you should avoid or limit your intake of these foods, and consume a healthy diet that contains many fruits and vegetables, whole grains as well as lean meats.

2) Physical Activity
Exercise is a key element in improving your health. Physical fitness increases metabolic rate which is important to burn excessive calories. It also reduces your risk of many diseases including cardiovascular disease.
Physical exercise does not hard. It can be simply included into your everyday routine. For example, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator, or use an exercise bike while watching TV.
If you’re a little more wish for losing weight, try an aerobic or dance class such as ballet or salsa. It will help to prevent weight gain and also teach you a new and exciting skill.

3) Psychology Factors
Regularly, weight gain is related with emotional problems. We live in a society that demands we do more, be more, and achieve more. Stress moves forward and helps cope with life's demands, but it also affects mood and emotions. Many people especially women reach for food to help ease the stress. They not realized that they are overeating.
Take a break, go to spa or do any relaxation techniques as well as exercise instead of taking food to release your pressure. This activity also burns calories and provides other health benefits.

4) Lack of Sleep
When you don't get enough sleep, your physiological body get stress and store fat more efficiently. The body only functions best when well rested.
When you're tired, you also get stress too, so you may reach for food. Further, you may be taking in extra calories from late-night snacking.
Strive to get eight hours or at least six hours of sleep every night.

5) Illness
Illness and disease can result in weight gain. They often hinder the individual’s ability to exercise on a regular basis. The most common condition that causes weight gain is hypothyroidism. A deficiency of thyroid hormone can decrease metabolism, causing appetite loss and weight gain.
6) Medication
Certain types of medication can lead to unexplained weight gain especially in women. Such medications include antidepressants and corticosteroids, which often result in weight gain.

7) Age
Weight gain is a natural part of the aging process. As we getting older, we lose muscle which is converted to fat. This increase in fat deposition is in turn linked to an increased risk of what are known as metabolic diseases. Aging also leads to a decline in metabolism.

8) Genetic
Risk of developing overweight or obesity is increases if either one or both of parents are obese. In addition, genetics affects an individual’s craving, as well as the amount of fat and muscle that comprise body. Genetics can also affect the amount of calories a person’s body burns while in an inactive state.

9) Gender
There is a connection between gender and weight gain. Women use fewer calories daily than men. Women biologically have a higher average body fat content compared with men. A healthy woman of normal weight has a body fat content of 25% while a healthy man of normal weight has a body fat content of 15%.

10) Quit Smoking
Smokers may gain their weight drastically after quitting. In order to keep your mind of smoking, drink plenty of waters. Make sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol and keep healthy snacks at hand.


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