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A Way to Shred Fat at Work - Lose More Weight Doing the Same Job

Are you looking for an approach to burn up more calories without it interfering with your routine work schedule?

There are many ways to move around in your own way at work that will increase your body's demand to make use of more calories. Thinking outside the box and changing lazy habits can make all the difference between storing your last meal as fat and burning the fat from body.

Take a look at some ways to add up your activity output at work.


If you don't live far from work how about walking to work?
If this sounds too awesome at first thought how about walking one way and getting a lift back?
You could even split this down even more by walking alternative days until you get used to the idea. It is not only good for your health but you are also save the environment too.

Talking of saving the environment, if you live far from work and walking to work is out of the issue you could opt for cycling to work instead. The same principles concern, you could try alternative days until you get used to the idea. Once you get into moving your body more the sooner you will desire more exercise.

For those who can't keep away from using transport to get to work don't worry since there are ways to use calories by using your feet more.

If you travel by bus you could get off at the stop before work and walk the rest of the way. The same applies when going home too; get off the stop before home. This easy strategy could give you up to three hours more exercise each week.

If you drive to work you could leave your car a few streets away or a mile from work and walk the rest of the way. The best thing you could do with driving to work is organizing a car pool system where you take it in turns to drive a colleague to work and vice versa. The crunch is as it is your colleagues turn to pick you up you arrange to be picked up a mile from home and dropped off a mile from home at the end of the day giving you a reason to walk.

5 easy ways to burn calories at work

1. Take the stairs every time.
2. Get out and walk at lunchtimes.
3. Get on your feet when talking on the phone and walk.
4. Volunteer at every chance you get to get out of the office and take the stairs.
5. Volunteer for strenuous jobs at any time possible, in other words don't be afraid to break into a sweat at work.

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