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Cutting Calories and Carbs

It would make sense to cut calories in order to lose fat since the more calories you take the more weight you will get. One pound of fat equals about 35,000 calories. Seems like a big number right!

There is a huge dieting myth about cutting calories that lots of people get wrong. The myth is that when cutting carbs you should cut them from carbohydrate sources. Now in a sense this is in point of fact true because not all calories are created the same.

For case in point, if you ate 100 calories of pasta following by 100 calories of chicken, your body would burn off the calories from the chicken quicker. This is because it is calories from protein that are easier for the body to burn up.

That does not mean that pasta should be avoided on the whole. It just means that when you are cutting calories try to cut out more pasta and bread. Carbs are stored in the body as energy, if not used for a long time they will change into fat.

You can consume carbs from vegetables and fruits. Also the best time to eat carbs is the morning, like having a bowl of oatmeal would be superb. This way you fuel up your body and feel energetic all through the day.

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