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Teens! - Do You Really Need to Lose Weight?

This question may seem like a no-brainer to you, but not everybody wishes to lose weight. Too often, teens focus on harmful weight levels to get a better perception of a perfect body.

They get caught up in harmful eating practices, even to the point of eating and barfing so that they may either lose weight or remain slim. There are names for these types of practices such as "Eating Disorders" dieting or "Yo-Yo".

With the numerous major advances in visual media marketing through medians like the TV, movies, internet and Hollywood it is easy to see why teens have unclear views of what their bodies should look like. Many try to mold their bodies to have the look of celebrities who are often known for how they look rather than what they have accomplished. Teens need to know that not all body structure and shapes are the same.

It is important for teenagers to be aware of what should be their ideal weights and how these weights are considered. They need to know and follow the procedures and steps which should be applied before considering any weight loss plan.

The Real Issue Here is: "Whether Teens Really Need to Lose Weight?"

Teens need to COMPARE their present weights AGAINST the norms for their Respective Heights, Body Mass, Body Weights and Body Frame sizes to determine whether weight loss is required, or not. They should check with their doctor or dietary physician before implementing a plan to lose weight, and then follow their guidance. The failure to follow this guidance may lead to harmful weight loss and increase the risk of disease.

Before you make a decision on a diet or weight loss plan, you owe to yourself to make the time and take the effort to decide whether need to lose weight or if your body image perception is distorted or not.

For Many Teens Weight Loss is NOT a Necessity, but a DISTORTED Fantasy or Perception which NEEDS to be VALIDATED.

However, if it determined that you necessitate to lose weight, you should consider using diet supplement pills, in addition to physical exercise and a healthy diet, as an added boost. A supplement that is 100% pure and natural, which will provide you with the help you need to curb hunger pangs, boost energy and provide better concentration.


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