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What is a Calorie Shifting Diet? - Why Calorie Shifting Diet Works?

Do you want to get rid of your belly fat?

Healthy diet and regular exercises are necessary for quick fat loss. But, there are people who do not like to do daily exercises or can not do it for joint or back pain.

In this article, we will discuss two diet programs (1) calorie shifting diet and (2) top secret fat loss secret. Both of these weight loss programs can help you to lose weight without any exercises.
Let's see why you gain weight?

Your body's internal metabolism burns the calories to provide required energy to your body. To compensate this you need to eat food. If your body is burning fewer calories than your intake in the form of food, you will gain weight.

How exercise and specific diet helps you in fat loss?

Exercise speeds up your metabolism. Certain foods with fiber contents also speed up your metabolism. Boost in metabolism is very important for quick fat loss.

Why starvation fails to reduce your weight?

Your metabolism burns calories at the usual rate, but as your intake of calories lowers due to starvation, your metabolism slows down. Once you stop starvation, your calorie intake increases but your metabolism remains low. This imbalance in energy consumption through metabolism and eating food is responsible for weight gain once you come out of extreme diet.

What is calorie shifting diet and why it works?

The calorie shifting diet which is popularly known as fat loss 4 idiots is a way to trick your metabolism that you are not on a diet.

In calorie shifting diet, you actually eat 5 meals a day but portion size is small. With this meal plan, neither you are slowing down your BMR nor you are starving. You should follow top secret fat loss secretsto get rid of all parasites in your stomach and negative calorie diet to burn more fat.

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