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Britney Spears weight loss secret

Britney Spears' weight has fluctuated more wildly than the financial markets in recent years, but she's happier than ever with her newly slim shape.

Spears, 27, looked trim and fit Aug. 9 at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, where she received an award from a pole-dancing Miley Cyrus. As she prepares for her second concert tour of North America, Britney has been dieting and working out all the time to build up her stamina.

“Britney used to hate her body when she looked in the mirror after having the boys,” a source told OK!. “But last week she sent pictures home to her mom and wrote, ‘Look how good I look!’ ”

Spears, the mom of two kids, lost 20 lbs. by following the Sunfare diet, which delivers healthy, gourmet meals to customers' homes. Under the plan, Britney consumes 1,100 to 1,200 calories a day divided among two big meals and two snacks throughout the day.

Britney Spears Diet:
“I have no sugar. I don’t eat fruit of even fruit juice because of the sugar. I eat chicken and salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I’ll have egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for launch. I try to do just 1,200 caloires a day…. It may sound like it’s not much, but it’s actually a lot of food if you eat the right things.”

Instead of the Starbucks Fracppuccinos she had on a daily basis she has coffee with Equal.

Britney Spears Workout:
She’s been doing “a lot of cardio and weights” working out 5 days a week with the weekends off.She has also been dancing a lot to prep for her upcoming performance.


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