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Beyonce diet: How to make the lemon cayenne pepper detox drink

Beyonce Knowles has been appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, as she had lost 20 pounds in two weeks for her stunning figure in Dreamgirls film. In the movie, she takes in the role of a slim backup singer named Deena Jones.

Beyonce had to cut her weight in two weeks apart due to the age varying of the role, Deena at 16 and 36. Therefore she went through an effective workout plan and a popular liquid diet called Master Cleanse Diet, Lemon Detox Diet or Maple Syrup Diet.

Today, the diet program is also known as Beyonce Diet. It is acknowledged that this diet is associated with a lot of health benefits, such as weight loss for obese people, cleansing the body, increase in energy, clear eyes and skin, etc.

According to professional study, the liquid diet is successful to detoxify the body while stimulating tissue growth. Juice detoxification has turned out to be a popular method to cleanse body and dispose accumulated toxins. The Beyonce diet is basically a liquid diet plan consisting of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.

Here is how to make the lemon cayenne pepper detox drink:

Ingredients for one serving:

1) 2 tablespoons of fresh organic lemon juice
2) 2 tablespoons of maple syrup (grade A or B)
3) 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
4) 8 oz of cool distilled water


Combine all the ingredients in a 10 oz jar with lid. Shake it thoroughly. Take this drink every time you get hungry without other food, up to 12 times a day. You can make this drink more as per your requirement for one day and store at a low temperature. The drink should be dinked fresh. Do not store it for more than 24 hours for its effectiveness.

For safety of the harsh diet, you have to drink sea salt water first on an empty stomach in the morning and take laxative tea twice daily. To make the sea salt water, just blend 2 teaspoons of sea salt with a quart of lukewarm water.

Make sure to use fresh lemon juice from organic lemons. Never use any lemon concentrate because it may contains a lot of sugar and preservatives.

Consume this drink for 10 days or up to 40 days. This diet plan provides enough nutrition needed within this duration. A lot of people have just done it for a few days and have seen excellent results. Follow this diet plan four times a year will keep your body in a healthy condition. However, always consult from your doctor or nutritionist before venturing into this diet plan.

This harsh diet plan can be very tough. Determination, consistency and discipline are important to success. Good luck!


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