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How to Lose Weight Naturally and Quickly Without Exercise

Need to know how to lose weight naturally and quickly?

Below are 10 tips that will help you lose weight without exercise-

How to Lose Weight Naturally And Quickly

Losing weight can be attributed to lifestyle change. It's about adopting a healthier lifestyle and maintaining it. Once you get into a routine, it's easy and becomes your normal everyday habit. Just try and do something everyday - and be consistent with your new found habits!
Set a goal for yourself that is realistic and attainable. If you set a goal of losing 20 pounds by next week you're just setting yourself up for failure. You need to have a more realistic goal like losing 20 pounds in two months. That way, you will more likely stick to your plans.
Don't serve meals family style - dish up your meal in the kitchen, then eat in another room so you won't pick off the serving platters. When dinner is over, store leftovers pronto.
Eat more, not less. The key to fat loss is - control your cravings. By planning to eat more, and in controlled portions, you will reduce any food temptations. So stick to the 1 plate rule and eat sensibly on fresh cooked meals.
Few easy ways to balanced meals - have vegetable soups or salads for lunch with small amounts of protein. Add a piece of fruit before or after a meal. Eat lean meat, poultry or fish with a mixed salad, instead of potatoes (one of the few acid forming vegetables), rice or pasta. If planning rice or pasta - go for the wholemeal kinds - and add veggies to the dish. Drink your eight to ten glasses of water a day with a squeeze of lemon. Drink herbal teas instead of coffee, black teas and sodas. Finally, eat fruit snacks between meals.
Trim the fats - fat is very dense in energy. so even cutting out 1 tablespoon per day can help you lose nearly 2kg a year. Avoid or reduce butter, cream, copha, coconut milk and margarines. Choose trim cuts of meat and cut off all fat before cooking. Plus, cut back on take outs, chips, biscuits and pastries. But it is OK to have a treat now and then, but in moderation.
Have diet buddies - If one partner supports the other, both of you will more likely to succeed. Preparing and enjoying food together creates a strong bond. More importantly, having supportive partners will also make you feel more accountable for your actions.
You don't have to be perfect. Don't deprive yourself of your favorite foods. Fat loss should be enjoyable and you should be able to enjoy that occasional treat. If you enjoy your ice cream, either stick to 1 scoop or go for the low fat kind. It's all about eating in moderation - and when it comes to fat loss, you must reduce (not completely cut off) your junk food treats and sugary drinks.
Plan, plan, plan. Plan your own meals and start cooking in advance. Plan to cook for 2 or 3 days worth of meals - and eat in, not eat out. And when cooking your meals - opt for steaming, grilling or boiling your foods. And stay away from frying - but if you're not too confident with meal planning, Fat Loss 4 Idiots online diet planner is a great place to start and learn from. With Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet generator, you simply add in your favorite foods and your meals will be planned for you. Then it's up to you to prepare it. It is a great way to eat sensibly.
Bonus Tip - listen... if you really want to know how to lose weight naturally and quickly - good nutrition and the right exercise (that is short and effective) program is the best combination to help you lose weight and tone your body. This is the best remedy. Give it a try!

Whatever you try (with or without exercise) to lose weight with, just be prepared to make the effort to improve the way you eat. Your bad eating habits (and lack of physical activity) are the reasons for your weight gain - and it is up to you to make the hard decisions to change your lifestyle now. It is how to lose weight naturally and quickly. But if you are still not too confident on where to start, try Fat Loss 4 Idiots - as it will help you get started in the right direction by improving your eating habits.

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