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Tricks to "Cheat" Weight Loss by Losing Weight Quickly Without Much Effort!

If you have a few minutes a day, then you have enough time to start losing some serious weight. Here are some weight loss tricks that allow you to cheat your way to losing a lot of weight quickly.


1. Get spinning!

Spinning is increasingly becoming really popular for weight loss due to the fact that it does balance the hormones.

Balanced hormones are a key to lose weight. Ever since most people don't have balanced hormones, most people are fat and have a hard time in losing weight. So if you spin around in a circle... much like what kids do naturally, you can unleash your body's own natural ability to lose weight quickly and efficiently even if you don't change your diet or exercising.

2. Rubs your belly!

Rub your hands together for 15 seconds (to generate friction heat) and then rub small circles around the belly button to burn off fat deposits from your stomach. Do this for 25-40 seconds each time and for a few minutes twice a day. This works because of the heat... it attacks the fat cells. To put a picture to it, basically the fat cells get zapped and loosen up and get shuttled out of your body.

3. Eat apples

Eating 2-3 apples a day significantly help with weight loss. You can literally lose a few pounds a month with just this tip alone. So why wouldn't you take every opportunity to get rid of every extra pound that you can?

So why not cheat weight loss and use these weight loss tricks so you can start making your extra weight disappear without much effort at all?


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