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How to lose 20 paunds weight in a month?

There is an incredibly effective way to lose 20 pounds in a month without starving, fat burner pills, or exercise. Read on and find out how to lose weight in 1 month by eating! Best of all the results stick around and you will actually be working with your body to achieve weight loss instead of fighting with your body to drop a few pounds. Find out now why this was the #1 diet of late 2008, and is only building up in 2009.

How does it work?
Essentially the focus of the diet is to stimulate your metabolism into burning more fat than it would normally. Unlike most diets which focus their complete attention upon starving the body of calories in an effort to lose weight, the calorie shifting diet focus is realistic in that results can be attained and kept. With low calorie diets the very concept of them is going to lead to trouble because the body is in a constant state of balance, when you suddenly diminish your calorie intake your metabolism takes a huge dive as a survival mechanism to protect you. Unfortunately this isn't the year 1550 and most of the time less calories doesn't mean death, however our bodies haven't evolved to know any different. So low calorie diets are out.

The Calorie Shifting Plan
The plan of action involves this, eat 4 complete meals per day, until you feel full/satisfied but never any less and never to the point where you feel stuffed. The meals will change every day according to what you ate the day before. This confuses your metabolism so that it feels continually safe to burn more calories, while never starving the body and stunting your metabolic processes. If you're still wondering about how to lose weight in 1 month try calorie shifting to lose 20 pounds in a month

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