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Fast track to weight loss: The fastest way to shed pounds

These days, people just gobble food with just a few chews. This is very bad.

The way to lose weight is to eat slowly and chew your food properly. You need to chew your food at least 15 to 20 times for each bite. This will help you to digest your food better and at the same time exercise your jaws.

Digestion starts from your tongue as the tongue contains a chemical that helps to digest starch. That is why, when every you eat a plain bread, you can taste sweetness.

In addition, you may also try the following concurrently.

(a) Blood type diet. This will also to expedite your weight losing. This refers to eating according to your blood type. This will ensure you that you will have a balance diet.

(b) Drink more water. This will aid your digestive system. But one thing to note is that you shouldn't drink excessively while eating or after food, as this will dilute your stomach acid which will slow down digestion.

(c) Avoid or Do Not drink any sugared or carbonated water as the calories in these are usually equivalent to your meal.

(d) Avoid snacking. Do not eat at irregular timing such as tea breaks or supper.


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