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Benefits Of Aerobic Exercises To Weight Loss

The understanding of aerobic exercises is extremely important to anyone looking to lose a sufficient amount of weight as compared to doing anaerobic exercises with which one is merely increasing their strength in most cases. Anaerobic exercising include things like weight lifting and strength training which doesn't help one lose as much weight as aerobic exercises. Lets start off with a simple definition of aerobic exercises and some more general information:

Aerobic Exercises:

Aerobic exercises are exercises that improve the oxygen usage by the body. For a certain exercise to be considered an aerobic exercise they must increase the heart rate enough to reach a target zone (which is different for different people depending on things like age, gender, height and weight). These exercises must also sustain your specific heart rate in the target heart rate zone for at least 20 minutes. This is were some people get the wrong idea about certain sports that are said to be a perfect fit for this types of exercising. The fact is that I have experimented with certain recreational sports and found that in many of the stop and go sports, my heart rate did not sustain the level I needed it to be at for a consistent period of time (20 minutes or more). So what I would suggest is doing an easy exercise that has been around for years and years to sustain that level and that magic exercise is: JOGGING. This does not mean sprinting or running as fast as you can however it is something that you can do with consistency, what I mean is an individual can jog for relatively long period of time as appose to sprints or fast pace running exercise.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercises

It is no big secret everyone knows from either watching television or going to the doctor for a yearly checkup that exercise is so important to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My suggestion to someone wondering how often to do aerobic exercises like jogging is 3--5 days a week for approximately 25--35 minutes each time (this will obviously vary when first starting out or after doing it consistently for a while. Ok so now for some important stuff. There are so many good things that come from aerobic exercises and I will just list a few that are most important to me:

· Reduce risk of heart disease, obesity, blood pressure and stroke (many of which are all growing concerns around the world today)

· Helps activate you immune system to fight off viruses

· Strengthens you heart, meaning that it can lower the amount of times you heart pumps per minute. (Less work on the heart) as well as...

· Decreasing effects of depression and reducing anxiety

So now you should ask yourself the question, "do I want to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise to increase my overall health and wellness or not?" It is up to you but if you don't believe this article look around, educate yourself and you will soon see the truth.

George Burnham writes on many different issues and like mostly to deal with simple health and wellness related issues for beginner exercisers. You can learn more by visiting my blog, Importance of Cardio for Maximum Weight Loss

By: George Burnham

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