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What To Look For In A Weight Loss Plan

If you ask one hundred people how to lose weight, you're likely to get one hundred different answers. And about forty of those answers will be some version of "I haven't a clue." Many people are hopelessly confused about the most effective way to shed those extra pounds and inches. How do you know what to look for when it comes to weight loss plans?

Passes the Common Sense Test

One way to sift the good diet plans from the garbage is the common sense test. If a man in a white coat tells you that you can drop five pounds in a week just by consuming his rather expensive brand of nutritional supplement, doesn't that sound a little too good to be true? Or if a dieting scheme offers you a menu that consists of nothing but broiled fish and grapefruit juice, is it realistic to think that you could maintain such a routine? Not to mention, a diet that severely limits food choices can't possibly provide all the nutrients that humans require and is very unhealthy in the long run.

Developed by Health Professionals

When you are researching weight loss systems, look for a system that has been developed by one or more doctors, nutritionists, and other qualified health professionals. The person who conceived the system should have experience and knowledge in the field of weight loss, as well as research to back up his claims. The slimming plan will have been already tested on a number of people, and many of those people should have been successful in losing fat and building muscle.

Speaking of health professionals, it's a smart idea to consult your own doctor before starting a new diet regimen. Although family physicians are not necessarily experts in nutrition and weight loss, they should know about your intentions. Explain the types of food you'll be eating, any specific exercise you'll be adopting, and any additional vitamins or nutritional supplements that go with the system. Your doctor knows you best and will be able to identify any aspects of the plan that can cause or aggravate certain health conditions. She may recommend medical tests to assess your current state of wellness, your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and so on.

Includes Exercise

Any method for losing weight cannot be limited solely to the food you eat. Exercise is a necessity for persons who want to create lasting changes in their body size and shape. Increased physical activity will make a diet plan work better and faster. The exercise can be mild and gentle, especially when you're starting out. Keep in mind that strenuous workouts can be dangerous for people who are very overweight or not used to intense exercise.

Focuses on Balance, Not Quick Results

The diet plan you choose must focus on balanced nutrition, good health, and gradual weight loss results. Sure, if you starve yourself you'll shed pounds quickly. But it's obvious that severe under-nutrition is unhealthy for anyone, at any weight. The changes you make in your eating behavior must be changes that you can maintain for the long term. Keep your expectations realistic. Losing your excess fat doesn't happen overnight, and don't believe anyone who tries to tell you it does.

It's confusing to hear about all the different ways to get rid of extra weight and unhealthy fat. Before you dive into the latest and greatest scheme, see if it passes the tests we've mentioned here. To be successful in achieving your weight loss goals, you'll need a system that is based on sound principles and also suits your individual personality.

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