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Attention - Six Bad Habits Make You Over-Weight

You have no consciousness about "Full" because you focus on other things when you are watching TV, reading books and working. Chewing without consciousness can't make you feel a sense of satisfaction. In fact, you taste nothing. In other word, there is no relationship between hungry and eating without consciousness, just like someone who often puts his figures into his mouth but never bites it. It is only a habit. You can change this habit and the key is paying more attention to what you do.

Eating at work time

If there is a box of chocolate or sugar on you workmate's desk, how many times do you put your hands into the box? Pressure and desire for high calorie food in work are two factors make you over-weighted.

Advice: First, keep a regular period of time between meals. Keeping regular period of time between meals will prevent you from too hungry and benefits to form a healthy diet habit.
Then, be careful your drink. Soft drink is different from solid food. It does not make you feel full. What's more, it increases the calorie you take. There are 500 calories in 3 tins carbonated beverages. You will take in 300 to 400 calories in extra from the sugar and milk added in your tea and coffee.

The most important, never take eating as a way of relaxing when you are in pressure. Try to do exercise to relax, for example, walking around the office building or climbing stairs.

Eating during cooking meals

You are cooking in the kitchen, but later you find something has gone. You plan to prepare meal for 3 people, but you use more materials enough for 4 people. Where has the extra food gone?

You are really hungry before cooking in deed, but you don't care it because you have many things to deal with. When you come back, feel relax, walk into the kitchen, the delicious smelling makes you realize that you are hungry. Then something happens. The harm of eating during the cooking is that you won't feel you have eaten something. You did not feel satisfied. Then you have a formal meal just like you did not eat anything.

Advice: Making sure you are not very hungry when you are preparing for the meal is the most valid measure. Therefore your desire for eating is under control and you are in a steady level of glucose in the blood. That is to say the time between each meal is no more than 4 hours. You can eat something in the afternoon.

Standing for meal will stimulate your appetite. It's better to eat something with plates than get the food directly from the packing bag or box. You are apt to eat more by using large container.

Eating snacks when watching TV

It's common to see that some people eat potato crisp and ice cream when they are watching TV. Sometimes the environment affects your desire for food. For example, as soon as you enter into the cinema, you will want to eat popcorn.

Advice: If you want to overcome your desire for snacks when you are watching TV, try to chew a piece of gum after turn on the TV. So if you want to eat some snacks, you must spit out the gum first. During this process, you have time to self-examine.

If you really want to eat something, what about a walnuts without peeling? After that, chew a piece of gum.

Having meals with children

It's usual that some parents eat the rice left in their children's bowl, though they are already full.

Advice: If it is usual to see your children have some rice left in their bowl, maybe the bowl is too large. Please change into some smaller ones.

In addition, ask you children how much they want before you fill the rice. It's never too late to give them some more after they eat all rice in their bowls.

Eating in the restaurant

People will eat more when they have meals with others. Because at this moment your attention is not on the food but the contents you are talking.

Advice: Order something you can't eat very fast, such as hot soup, spicy food. Ordering some food you must eat with both of your hands is also a good choice.

If you are hungry, you can order the staple food together with the main courses. It will prevent you from eating too much during the time of waiting for the staple food.

Drinking wine in the party

Maybe you are a little nervous in the party, so you want to relax yourself by eating and drinking. What's more, you drink too much wine. The alcohol will make you eat more unconsciously, during this time, you drink more. Then a vicious circle forms.

Advice: Eating something before you take part in the party, such as a piece of bread, a bottle of yogurt, which can slow down the speed of alcohol flow to your blood. Another way is adding some ice into your wine before drinking.

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