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How to Shed Belly Fat Fast

If you are like most people, you think you already know how to shed belly fat fast. You may not follow your own advice, but you are quite confident you know the solution. Would you be surprised to find out that you are wrong?

Does this sound like you? If only you were disciplined about some hours at the gym, doing aerobics and crunches, swimming laps, etc. you are sure you could lose belly fat quick.

Alright, it's true that you are not totally wrong. You do need to work out to shed belly fat fast. But exercise alone will not do the trick. The right diet also plays a big part in getting rid of belly fat.

So instead of concentrating solely on the number of reps on the ab machine or extra time on the cardio equipment, remember to focus on what you are eating and the number of calories you are taking in.

Too many people believe that exercise will compensate for poor eating habits, so continue to eat calorie-laden, fattening food. They actually believe that extra time on the treadmill will offset the overindulgence. This attitude will cost them and will send them running for the next lose belly fat exercises.

To lose weight and belly fat, one needs to burn more calories than are consumed each day, causing a calorie deficit. But not just any calories will do. You want to consume foods that help to get rid of belly fat. This includes a well-balanced diet of complex carbohydrates, high-quality proteins and good fats.

A poor quality diet including simple carbs and sugars and 'bad' fats, while possibly not exceeding your total caloric need, will still cause problems because your body could break down from poor eating habits. When your body isn't fueled optimally, you become fatigued when working out and are prone to injury.

In addition, you may be able to work out sufficiently to achieve the sculptured look of flat abs, but if you've fueled your body with unhealthy foods, those rock hard abs will only be hiding belly fat underneath.

So the easiest and best way to lose belly fat is a combination between exercise and a healthy diet. If you are going to shed belly fat fast, you need to do exercises to reduce belly fats and eat foods that help to get rid of belly fat.

If you do not know the basic facts of a healthy diet, then you really do not have the tools you need to shed belly fat fast.

Sarah Mathews has finally found the key to shed belly fat fast and shares her tips and resources through her blog writing.

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