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Jogging and Weight Loss - the 1 Big Mistake That Makes Jogging Useless and How to Correct It

Everyone knows about running, but what's up with it. Is it just a waste of time or what? Well, for most people... IT IS a big waste of time. They're doing it wrong. This article will straighten things up for those who like to run or jog.

Jogging - Beware of This 1 Mistake

Jogging as is how most people do it is ABSOLUTELY horrible for fat loss. Sure, you may lose weight, but a lot of that weight will be muscle.

Here's some science for you...

Each pound of muscle burns 20-50 calories a day. Each pound of fat burns ONLY 2 calories a day.

As you can see, muscles are more METABOLICALLY active. What this means in simple terms... muscle speeds up your metabolism to burn off fat.

Well if you're jogging and losing muscle because it's eating away your muscles for energy (happens to a majority of joggers), then you're actually slowing down your metabolism (thus making it harder to lose fat since you have less muscle).

The way to jog to preserve muscle and increase your fat burning rate is to do intervals.

What you do is run fast for 10-15 seconds. Then you slow down to either a walk or a very slow jog for 20-30 seconds. And you keep repeating that sequence over and over for about 20 minutes. This is ideal for burning fat and maintaining muscle.

Try to avoid jogging/running for over 20 minutes if you want to preserve muscle.

Listen, if you ever wondered why a lot of joggers look so weak and have no ab muscles, the above mistake is the reason why. Avoid it and you'll be 10 times better off.

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Jennifer Jolan

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