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5 Tips For Eating Out While Tackling the Problem of Obesity

One of the first lines of attack for anybody wrestling with the problem of obesity is a strictly controlled program of diet and exercise, but if you also lead a reasonably active social life then it is not always easy to find suitable places to eat out which will also allow you to stay on your diet.

Of course this problem does not only apply to those of us who are already overweight, but also applies to those people whose weight is fine and who wish to keep it that way.

In a recent report restaurants were shown to have enjoyed an increase in their earnings over the past ten years of more than sixty-five percent and this is a reflection of the simple fact that more of us are now eating out, and doing so more frequently. This is a good thing but it can also take a toll on your health if you are not careful.

If you want to enjoy the pleasures of eating out but need to watch your weight then the secret really lies in choosing the right places to eat and in ordering the right foods. Restaurants are only too well aware of the obesity epidemic which is sweeping the western world today and you will find that an increasing number of restaurant owners are beginning to adjust their menus accordingly.

Nevertheless, you still need to be careful and so here are 5 tips to keep you on the right road to healthy restaurant eating.

Tip 1 - Look for restaurants with a salad bar. Many restaurants, including some fast food restaurants, now provide a self-service salad bar which will allow you to not only pick your own choice of salad items, but also to adjust your meals to include more salad and less in the way of meat or a dessert.

Tip 2 - Check the menu for high-fiber and low-fat alternatives for regular items. In many restaurants today you will find that set meals now frequently provide wide choice so that you can for example choose plain boiled potatoes rather that the standard French fries.

Tip 3 - Inquire about alternatives for fried food items. If there are fried items on the menu that can be grilled, baked, or boiled then ask whether or not the restaurant will accommodate this. You will find that more and more restaurants today are happy to cook food in alternative styles on request and it certainly never hurts to ask.

Tip 4 - Consider eating more in seafood restaurants. Many items of seafood are poached, baked or broiled and when this is not the case most seafood restaurants will be happy to cook dishes to your liking if you ask them.

Tip 5 - Consider eating in ethnic restaurants. It is often western-style restaurants which pose a major problem in terms of diet and many ethnic restaurants serve a wide variety of healthy dishes. For example, if you have never tried it then eating in a Thai restaurant is certainly something you should experience. Just keep an eye on the portion sizes! provides a wide range of obesity articles covering a range of topics and including such things as the effects of childhood obesity

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